Tantric Sex and Singles Relationship Coaching


What it's like to learn with me


Thank you for your interest in my online 1-on-1 coaching services!  I offer a 3-month Transformative Coaching Program where I will meet with you for 1-hour Skype meetings weekly to help you through a wide range of different obstacles.


Since 2004, I have had clients come to me during a wide range of different transitions in their life.
Some of these include:

  • Job/Career Transitions
  • Breakups/Divorces/Grieving the loss of a relationship
  • Never experienced satisfying orgasmic pleasure, sex & intimacy
  • Improving your love, dating and sex life/Breaking negative dating & relationship patterns
  • Obtaining the love you want
  • Developing & trusting your instincts
  • Curious about leading a Tantric path or incorporating Tantra into one's life
  • A myriad of life transitions (working at the crossroads is a huge part of my work)

For a list of benefits, please view my About Me page.

When you work with me, we seek interwoven life satisfaction and resolution through working with yourself first. From there, you are better equipped to get what you desire: whether it's your ideal partner, a better sex life or even progression in your work/business life and addressing financial concerns.


My Transformative 3-Month Online Coaching Program

Investment: $3,300/3 months.  Pricing is in US Dollars.
Where: On Skype or any other online chat app of your preference

This program is very intensive, personalized to your needs and includes the following:

  • A 1 hour weekly Skype coaching call scheduled at your convenience during our 3 months together.
  • These calls are completely personalized to your needs and goals as I use my coaching experience, intuition and Tantric/holistic healing modalities to help you guide your way to your solutions.
  • Personalized funwork (not homework; trust me, it's fun!)
  • Complimentary email support from me throughout our time together

Since Tantra is a huge part of my practice, I may give you work regarding your self-pleasure practice.
There is no nudity in our sessions.  We will, at most, discuss your self-pleasure practice and sex/intimacy life depending on what we're working on. 

Getting Started

Interested in beginning 1:1 online coaching with me? Contact me through this site with any inquiries you have and let's begin! ✨


There is a misconception that Tantra only revolves around sex and this simply isn't true. There are a wide range of incredibly ancient and profound principles we use to tackle and sate the situations you face in your life so do know that my work is holistic and is intended to address the core of your concerns...basically, we have a lot of tools in the ol'toolbox to address anything!

The ultimate goal after our 3 months together is to help you feel more comfortable in your skin and capable of handling all that comes your way in a manner that is both healthy, Zenful and satisfying for you and your life.

My ultimate goal with my work is to help you discover fulfilling ways to address your problems to the point where you need minimal or no further coaching. I welcome you at the end of our time together to select what suits your needs but, ultimately, I enjoy working with people to help them achieve a level of self-liberation that, in turn, gets them further down the path of understanding themselves and their life, as well as interact at a beneficial potency in the world that they live in.

Here's a video I created regarding what Tantra is (for those who haven't heard of Tantra) as well as a sample of the kind of topics I address in my coaching practice.

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5 MIND-BLOWING Ways Tantric Sex Is Different than Regular Sex!


Definitely take a look at the pleasure videos via my free YouTube coaching channel for this! I address this a LOT on my channel and welcome you to subscribe. 

Do understand that Tantric sex is known to last longer and possesses healing benefits for all practitioners involved.

You can achieve these benefits solo as well (once again, I address this quite a bit on my YouTube coaching channel).  Depending on how deep you are in your holistic sex practice, you will be able to experience various forms of pleasure and a wide range of different orgasms when engaged in Tantric sex and pleasure.  

Tantra has also been known to heal past emotional/mental wounds, better sex organ-related conditions and overall health, make practitioners more attractive/vibrate a higher frequency and also improve financial and overall well-being (i.e. help improve businesses and money concerns).

Please note that all of my services and Tantra are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or heal any medical conditions. They can, however, be used in tandem with medical treatments and have been known to also help people regain sex and intimacy in their lives even after sex organ-related surgeries (depending on each person). 

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