I'm very passionate about encouraging discussions around the diverse myriad of topics I cover through my Video coaching series as well as my writing

Being a holistic intimacy and relationship coach for over 10 years has taught me that organically fostering self-care enhances our success, self-development and the ways in which others perceive us. 

Some examples of public discussion topics I am available to talk about include (but are not limited to):

  • Bringing Zen and Tantric principles into our modern-day dating and love lives. 
  • How silent meditation benefits those suffering with anxiety as well as pre-date jitters
  • How to increase your intuition
  • Simple ways to bring more pleasure into your everyday life to achieve a better work/life balance
  • Holistic advice for healing your past 
  • Advice for getting over your ex('s)
  • How to use Tantra to spice up your sex and love life!
  • How to live a more open, liberated life entwined with sacred intimacy through applying Tantric principles
  • Online dating tips/vetting potential dates for quality, safety and personal well-being
  • Q+A discussions about sacred sexuality, pleasure-based sex education, self-pleasure and holistic intimacy
  • Intersectional Equality: What #AllLivesMatter should REALLY mean - What it is to be a human standing for equality.
    Plus: Applying Zen methodologies to find the simplest, easiest ways to become more considerate towards one's self and others.
  • Sex Positivity: What it means to be sexually liberated in our society plus the benefits of sex positivity in everyday life. 

Please note these topics can be tailored to suit a formal/corporate environment.
The primary crux of my formal/corporate discussions revolve around Zen, meditation and how self-care is used to succeed in life and achieve life goals.

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