The Zen of Matcha: My Love Letter to TSUJIRI

It wasn’t that long ago that TSUJIRI, a 155-year-old Matcha supplier and confectionery, graced Toronto with its presence, and since their doors opened last March, Toronto has CLEARLY not had enough!

Regardless of the time of day you visit TSUJIRI, you WILL be waiting. It could be 10 minutes or upwards to an hour (especially on evenings and weekends) but let me assure you, dear reader, it’s totally worth the wait!

Meanwhile at TSUJIRI — 😅 💀 💦


Show me the Green!


Matcha is an infamous Japanese tea crafted from grounded green tea leaves. As a result of consuming the entire leaf, you’re looking at 137x more the antioxidant punch than your regular run-o’the-mill brewed green tea.

Because of that, consuming pure matcha on a regular basis provides:

  • Better weight loss results
  • Higher level of energy (minus the typical coffee caffeine crash)
  • Better concentration
  • Detoxification of the body, which aids in preventing diseases such as cancer

Don’t think this doesn’t come at a price though 💴 (mind you, it’s worth it!) Expect your typical readily-available ‘matcha’ from mainstream (*ahem* boring) coffee shops like Starbucks to be cut with sugar and other random useless fillers to cut costs. Also, an undermining on the North American palette is typically at-hand here, as pure matcha has a kind of earthy, slightly bitter taste (which I have to say I love, as I’m not big on sugar).



The folks at TSUJIRI know you’ll wait in line not only for the notoriety that follows their brand and floods their Instagram feed with matcha love, but also because of their spectacularly wild array of UNIQUE Japanese desserts which include their TSUJIRI Sundae (seen below) and a rather unique line of citrus drinks/desserts made from a small Japanese mandarin-looking citrus fruit called a yuzu.

Simply put: TSUJIRI doesn’t skimp on authentic Japanese ingredients and I can assure you, a straight TSUJIRI matcha or matcha latte WILL PACK THAT MATCHA PUNCH!! Even, *my heart be still*, the matcha ice cream ACTUALLY tastes like matcha!!



💭 #matcha

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Aside from all the marvellous ingredients I’ve mentioned, the toppings used on many of their frozen dessert items (basically all sundaes) often include genmai (brown puffed rice found in genmaicha tea), sweet red beans and small shiratama (a form of mochi/rice-based ball) to name a few, which brings a whollllle new experience to sundaes! 
I have to say I love these too because they’re just the RIGHT amount of sweetness, while introducing new sensations to your sundae experience like the gumminess of the shiratama and the crunchiness of genmai.
This truly
is the Iron Chef of ice cream!


The Sensuality of Zen, In Ice Cream and Beverage Form

You WILL wait for your orders but DON’T miss the show!

Each TSUJIRI crafter (I will call them crafters) will CAREFULLY, painstakingly place each item carefully on your iced treats, and will CAREFULLY, painstakingly whisk your matcha for your drinks (or blend them) *just* the right amount to give you a mind-blowing matcha/citron experience EACH TIME. 
What’s unique about our location in Toronto as well is a unique line of matcha-based lattes including the Maple Matcha Latte — way to unite the East and the West, TSUJIRI! 🙌

Class is in session folks, and thissss —

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THISSS is the art of Zen. In matcha form.



I know this may seem like an oxymoron but, true to Japanese form, while I’ve mentioned the most important Zen-like process and honourable pride taken in each TSUJIRI creation, I cannot fail to mention the professionalism and SUPER EFFICIENCY of TSUJIRI staff…these folks NEVER miss a beat!
Japan, after all, is known for its kind hospitality and a heartfelt form of customer-service that is deep-rooted in respect and honour.

Incredibly noble, incredibly Zen.

I can’t recommend this place enough! In the eye of the storm (that I would imagine would be all operating hours), this shop is run like a tight, friendly, honourable ship! I’m sure that’s a thing.

You can find TSUJIRI on 147 Dundas Street West. If you’re visiting Toronto for a day trip and would like to try something authentically Japanese, TSUJIRI comes highly recommended!  

For another amazing Japanese experience, just around the corner is Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake! More line-ups await but so does amazing cheesecake!