Cutting Active LGBTQ Police Support at Toronto Pride?

I created the following video a few weeks ago after we were all hit to our cores by the Orlando shooting.  This video also covered the terrible injustices that the #‎blacklivesmatter‬ movement has endured --

Yet, after this weekend, it ALSO speaks to the possible decision of excluding Toronto Police from Pride Toronto, along with the unfortunate issue our Trans March has faced with getting shut out every year at Pride.

And did I also forget to mention islamophobia in the midst of all this? 

I often wonder what it would look like if every activist group decides to demonstrate for their concerns and at least one other problem another community is facing?

What would it be like if we have open forums where all groups that feel oppressed are able to have their issues addressed while also showing empathy and active concern for other communities?

What would happen?

With that being said, I love that Toronto Pride and #blacklivesmatter worked together this year! I just don't agree with fighting exclusion with exclusion...

Our problems are ALL of our problems.

Regardless of who you are, if you’re a part of the #alllivesmatter movement, you must recognize the responsibility of standing in solidarity for all marginalized populations. Being actively there and supporting them in obtaining equality.  It takes nothing from us to be kind and supportive.

These issues have the same root cores of prejudice and injustice, we've all faced oppression, and empathy is the only thing that will fix it. This is humanitarianism, this is empathy, this is equanimity -- this is what I feel ‪#‎alllivesmatter‬ is truly about.